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we, our mission, our vision

FERT experienced solutions borns in between Turin and  Chambèry after several years of conceptualizations and studies with the  aim of identifying the most intelligent solutions and build a robust  application to forecast short therm investments on Italian and French  stock markets.

Fert (sometimes tripled, FERT, FERT, FERT)  is the motto of the royal house of Savoy-Sardinia and Italy, the House  of Savoy. It is in the former Savoy that the project born, under the  supervision of the University of Turin, and where it moved up to the  status of "start-up" thanks to the financial aids provided by the region  of Rhone-Alpes. It might appear to be strange for such a very  innovative and moving forward company to look at the past and at the  territory, but that is why we want to keep the FERT motto as our symbol  and trading name.

Our Mission

FERT wants to find, develop and apply the most innovative and  intelligent solutions in the grouds of Artificial Intelligence, Maths,  Social and Computer Science to the field of predictions. Stock Exchanges  predictions it will be the first area of application of our algorithms  and logics.
We want to approach Banks, Financial Institutions  and Brokers to offer our knowhow and visionary tools to make the best  predictions on short term market movements.

Our Vision

FERT wants to become a recognizable brand and the most known and  ammirate company for AI solutions applied to financial markes in France  and in Italy. We want to develop the most accurate, sensible and  effective algorithms in the field of predictions.


FERT experienced solutions (FERTES) is a project managed by Fulvio Canazza , soon an innovative Startup.
You can find our commercial proposition at the following link
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FERT experienced solutions is a registered trade mark. All rights reserved.
Contacts: fert.experienced.solutions@fertes.eu
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