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FERT experienced solutions is an innovative company specialised on AI predictive alghoritms and sentiment analysis applied to market predictions.

We provide the most accurate daily predictions that you can find on the internet.
Our  algorithms, combining time series and sentiment analytics, costantly  run in order to provide high level predictions on very short time  windows: one to three days.
Titles refer to the Companies  belonging to Italian FTSEMIB40 index; favourite ones are ordered top to  bottom, together with some indicators to support the decision process.

Take all the advantages of premium access, by subscibing the reserved area. Here you'll find all the detailed predictions, portfolios and more.

The following tables represents a comparison between two Portfolios of 50K€ (net of trading commissions) based on our predictions versus the performance of the same amount invested on the FTSEMIB index:
  • the LONG one is based on long positions (buy) on our Bullish previsions;
  • the SHORT one always sells our Bears;
  • the FULL AI portfolio, instead sells or buys according to daily higher level AI predictions.

Access the Premium area to get access to the full data, explanations, predictions and historical graphs.
The Premium area access is free, you just need to register with your email address and log in.

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FERT experienced solutions (FERTES) isa project aimed to the run up of a brad new Startup.All RIGHTS RESERVED

FERT experienced solutions is a registered trade mark. All rights reserved.
Contacts: fert.experienced.solutions@fertes.eu
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